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I. Data input devices and scanning hardware
a. Wands
b. Laser guns
c. Slot readers
d. Mag stripe readers

II. Data collection hardware
a. Terminal based hardware (wedges)
b. Portable hand-held computers
c. Standard or custom software to
download to a P.C. or main frame
d. All hardware and software are designed
for use with IBM® and IBM® compatible

III. Demand bar code printers for labels and tags
a. Printers - Datamax, Zebra, Sato, Eltron
b. Standard software to print your own
bar codes

IV. Bar code consumable supplies
a. Forms
b. Labels
c. Blank or pre-printed labels and tags
d. Thermal transfer or thermal direct
labels and tags
e. Thermal transfer ribbons

V. Service
a. Software installation
b. Hardware installation